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Date/Time Theme Venue Participation
14th February 14:00~17:30 Symposium on Scientific Computing Gayageum Hall B, The-K Seoul Hotel Close
07th March 14:00~17:10 The Role of Structural Biology in Bacteriology Auditorium, Institut Pasteur Korea Close
08th March 14:00~17:25 Systemic Approach for Metabolic Syndrome: Interaction of Humoral Factors Geomungo Hall A, The-K Seoul Hotel Close
18th March 10:00~14:45 Symposium on Particle Physics with Underground Experiments                 LG Convention Hall, Ewha Womans University Close
19th March 14:00~17:10 Present Status and Future Perspective of Photo-Science                       Gayageum Hall B, The-K Seoul Hotel Close
21st March 13:15~17:30 Low Dimensional Systems and Nanodevices by Design                       Geomungo Hall C, The-K Seoul Hotel Close